Some of the current film productions under development

Road to Nowhere
A Horror Film

Southern Ark Productions is in the final stages of preparing the production for The Road to Nowhere, a horror feature film. The script, budget, crew, locations and schedule have been processed and finalised and the producers are now waiting for the proposed casting and finance to be confirmed.


Three young men and one of their wives are on their way to a college reunion party. Their frivolity turns into a nightmare as their car breaks down in the middle of a cemetery and they are forced to face their own personal fears. Comic moments give way to bloodshed as ghosts, spirits, and possession by demons walk the earth in search of innocent victims in a terrifying real world of horror and death.

Elvis Lives!
High concept romantic comedy


When a newborn is declared the reincarnation of Elvis, a small Indian village becomes the centre of a global media whirlwind and a sinister plot to restore the reincarnated King to his throne in Graceland.


The Journey
Psychological Thriller


A reformed terrorist is abducted by a vengeful ex British Secret Services agent and forced to confront the terrible deeds of his youth on a road trip to hell and beyond.

Comedy Drama


An exhausted small-town housewife and India's biggest Bollywood star: two women with nothing in common, except for a desperation to escape their lives... and the fact that they are identical to each other, means that they can. It’s the Doppelganger syndrome.

Yin Yang Love
Romantic Comedy


Vikram has returned to Bengal in India.  Everything is on track in his life; graduating from Sydney University, new horizons and an upcoming job with HSBC in Shanghai. His Mandarin studies in Australia will serve him well.   He has also has very fond memories of the beautiful Chinese girl he met in Sydney.  She is just the thing he needs after his recent split from his childhood sweetheart Karishma.  But his parents have very different ideas.

Fire & Breath


A man goes on a journey to India to find out the truth behind his father’s death but uncovers a series of deadly secrets from the past which threaten to destroy him.

Ten O'Clock


Ajay Kapoor, 30’s, a mild-mannered family man, is invited to a café in Lower Parel, Mumbai. A cryptic note addressed to him reveals that he will be joined by four other people at the cafe whom he must kill by 10 o’clock …. or he will die.

Father Joe & the Bangkok Slaughterhouse
Feature Documentary


Gods, demons and angels in the battle for the souls of the innocent in the slums of Bangkok.

This is a story about an Irish/American Catholic priest, Father Joe Maier, and his work in the slums of Bangkok. Over the past 45 years, he has put over 70,000 children through school and has been a saviour to thousands of people who owe him their lives. Father Joe is our guide into this Heart of Darkness, this Hell on Earth.