Several other film and television projects under development...

Future Projects


The Heart of the Matter
A documentary series which explores the obesity epidemic both in India & China featuring Michelin star chef Michael Moore.


Little Gods of Mercy
A documentary about children with AIDS who paint like Van Gogh. Co-production with Palmwood Pictures.


Indian Superstar
A reality TV Series. A co-production with World On Screen.


Rishi in India
An Indian Chinese fusion cooking series featuring Rishi Desai, showcasing India's unique north east cuisines.


Homes, Hotels & Vastu
Co-production with Robert Chua Productions.


Culture Swap
A crossing over of Indian & Chinese farmers, entrepreneurs & artists. Co-production with World On Screen.


Three of the world's most beautiful girls go in search of Bling. Co-production with Capital TV, Thailand.


Top Chefs in India
13 part series featuring India's top chefs.


Scottish Whisky Trail
6 part series featuring Scotland's major single malt distilleries.