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The People Behind the Companies


James R H Lingwood Writer, Producer, Director

Over the past 25 years, James Lingwood has produced and directed over 200 hours of international film & television programs across the globe. He has worked with high profile actors such as Jackie Chan and Geoffrey Rush and has received over sixty film & television awards for his outstanding work in the film & television industries, with the result that he has been invited to become a Member of the select & prestigious International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers, USA.

IQ's membership consists of over 80 of the world's most awarded (members have received numerous awards including three Oscars and a Palme d'Or) Hollywood & European film and television producer/directors in over 45 countries. It is strictly an invitation only organization and a Member can only be selected on the recommendation of another member, and the quality and scope of his/her body of work.

James is also a Member of the Australian Directors Guild and an Executive Member of the National Chinese Documentary Film Academy.


Shekar Mani Executive Producer, Producer

Shekar is an experienced business professional with extensive experience across Asia-Pacific. Having completed his management degree, Shekar joined the Taj Group of Hotels in India and was involved in the launch of world-class luxury hotels. He later left for Australia to work for KFC. In the mid-nineties, he was hand-picked to head the re-launch of Coca-Cola in South Asia.

Besides his corporate achievements, Shekar has been involved in several high-profile film projects both in India and Australia. Shekar’s involvement in both stage and cinema began while he was in University. A popular actor in one act plays on stage and National Television led him to set up Great Southern Ark Productions with James Lingwood almost a decade ago. He has acted in a biopic “ Main Aur Charles” and is currently involved in the production of several major Film Projects. Shekar’s content writing skills enabled him to host one of the all-time favourite Radio programmes for several years.

During the relaunch of Coca-Cola, Shekar and his crack team of world class creative professionals earned their marketing stripes by winning the Clio award in the outstanding beverage commercial category. Shekar was elected as the Chairman of the Advertising Council of India as well as being appointed as a Director of the Advertising Filmmakers Federation in London, UK the following year. Shekar also has written Op-eds for leading national dailies and is sought after for his expertise in the corporate world. As a consummate professional, he brings invaluable management expertise to GSAP.


Richard Stewart Executive Producer, Producer

Richard Stewart has a film career spanning some 30 years. His recent history includes:

Appointed first Executive Director of the State of Queensland Film Commission now known as Screen Queensland. Achievements include introducing, the Queensland New Filmmakers Awards, the Brisbane International Film Festival, the Revolving Film Financing Fund and the Pacific Film and Television Commission.

Richard was the first Director from the Asia Pacific region of the Association of Film Commissions International (AFCI) the controlling body of Film Commissions. He left Australia to become Chief Executive of the New Zealand Film Commission This agency is dedicated to the development, production and distribution of quality New Zealand Films. Upon returning to Australia he established the film and television production company Stewart and Wall Entertainment with fellow producer Penny Wall. He is also now Chief Executive of the newly formed company MFP Media Management.

Richard has also been a teaching fellow at Bond University and the Queensland University of Technology in Australia lecturing in film finance, distribution and marketing. He is a Board member of QPIX and is Co-Chair of the Queensland Screen Industry Council.

Recent producer and executive credits include:
Features: Bait, Acolytes, Malibu Shark, Beauty and the Beast, Exposure, Ozzie, The Vector File
MOW: Shadows of Paradise, No One Can Hear you
TV Series : K9, The Shapies, Planet Rescue Rangers
Doc: The Tragedy of the Montevideo Maru


Margaret Lingwood Associate Producer

Margaret has been a Managing Partner in the award winning film & television company Lingwood Productions for over 20 years. She was instrumental in the Company's success in Hong Kong and China where she opened up new media markets and was a driving force behind the Company's award winning reputation.

Margaret's understanding of the diverse culture and customs in Asia enabled Lingwood Productions to become leaders in the field of film and television production. With a focus on 35 mm film, innovative and compelling concepts, and an emphasis on emotional storylines with powerful messages, and over 60 international Awards, Lingwood Productions became one of Hong Kong's leading film & media companies.

Great Southern Ark Productions is delighted to welcome Margaret into the Company where she can use her talent and expertise to engage with and promote GSAP's extensive portfolio of film and television projects to global audiences worldwide.