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What people are saying about us


"GSAP is an excellent combination of great ideas, a well-knit team and a strong desire to deliver quality cinema to its audience. I wish them every success in their projects."

Ashutosh Gowariker Film Director

"I have known Shekar, James and Ashmita for some time now and am impressed with their 'never-say-die' mindset. They are a very solid and hard-working team with an amazing understanding of their target audience in such a short time. Good luck!"

Mahesh Ramanathan Ex Reliance Producer


"There is no doubt that James pushes the envelope a lot further than most people. Throughout the years, I have worked with a lot of people in the production business, and I have not found anyone more professional, focused or creative than James. I have worked with him on the road for over 100 days and I'm looking forward to the next 100. Whenever an opportunity arises to work with James, you can be assured that I will give him a call."

Martin Yan TV Series Celebrity Presenter


"The finished product has been accepted extremely well by both staff and customers. It appears to have achieved the almost impossible balance between being 'creative' and 'factual' - well done!"

Julie Williams British Aerospace


"I am sure you've read in the newspaper about the tremendous success of Hutchison's US $2 billion Global Bond Issue which was more than three times over-subscribed.

At one of the presentations held towards the end of the global roadshow, due to the constraint of time, it was suggested to skip the video. But the audience insisted on seeing it because 'they heard about the video from other bankers.' No doubt the video, amongst other things, had helped paint an impressive portrait of the Group. Congratulations to you for a job well done!"

Laura Cheung Hutchison Whampoa Ltd


"We are very happy with the finished product, Hong Kong - Asia's World City, the quality and creativity which are due in no small part to your professionalism and talent as a director. I think we all worked together very well as a team and I for one was glad to see the creative collaboration that took place between client, producer, director and agency."

Brett Free HK Government Executive Chief Officer


"I write to offer congratulations on your co-operation with Hebei Television and related media and entertainment organisations in China. Your progress in the China market has been impressive and I am aware that your co-operation with Hebei Television is very much appreciated by this company. The programs produced by you do much to enhance the general understanding of Australia within China and are a great 'ambassador' for enhanced bilateral relations between our two countries."

Paul Sanda Australian – Beijing Ambassador


"I have had 17 years of experience in marketing & distributing Australian films & television programs around the world, including many award-winning documentaries. I have great pleasure in offering this statement on 'Voyage of the Great Southern Ark' because I believe it is the definitive documentary series on the natural history of the continent of Australia.

At the time of Australia's Bicentennial celebrations, I can think of no more appropriate award than the Bicentennial Heritage Award for this series."

James M. Henry CEO World Entertainment


"James Lingwood is a director I want to watch as he expands and continues to explore. Any project that has James Lingwood attached will be enriched by his incredible talents, passion and dedication. Any story he tells will be one worth watching."

Mark W. Travis Director/Author/Teacher/Consultant. L.A.


"Over 25 years James’s enthusiasm and dedication to the filmmaking process has remained undiminished and he continues to win awards at every level. We are currently looking at working together on an Official Australian Canadian co-production thriller that James has written and will direct."

Kevin De Walt Producer & CEO, Minds Eye Pictures, Canada


"A compelling story teller, he has a deep, one could say intimate, understanding of the characters and their journeys, with a clear picture on how to best portray their peaks and valleys, their relationship and their psychology in such a manner to make them relatable and entertaining for the audience."

Alex Contis Production Manager, Australia


"James has always impressed me with his extensive film knowledge, strong creative input and broad level of creative skills which encompass writing, cinematography, directing and producing. He approaches each project with absolute dedication, boundless energy and passion. He is resolute in bringing his screen vision to a commercial reality."

Penny Wall CEO, CTE, Australia


"James has the technical skills, intelligence, passion and belief in the excitement of filmmaking to create something quite dynamic and memorable out of any film that he chooses to make."

Madeline Thompson Script Consultant/Screenwriter, L.A.


"James made a film for us for a portmanteau feature film called the Impact. As soon as I saw his work I knew it needed to be included in the final film. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again."

Chris Jones Producer 'The Impact’, London Screenwriting Festival, UK.


"As a cinematographer, it is very refreshing to have a director as knowledgeable and down to earth as James. His charisma and passion for his projects is very infectious I am excited and look forward to our collaboration in the future."

Damien Beebe Director of Photography